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My future-of-journalism top 10

The people at blog vendor Six Apart asked me to make a list of the top 10 blogs about the future of journalism. In alphabetical order:

Adrian Monck, the head of a UK journalism school and a smart commentator, particularly on the more academic/philosophy-of-journalism side;

BuzzMachine, Ron Rosenbaum’s favorite blog;

Content Bridges, the blog of Ken Doctor, for my money the smartest analyst of the business side of the business;

Eat Sleep Publish, by Jason Preston, a smart advocate for new thinking and opponent of curmudgeons;

Journerdism, by Will Sullivan, the best aggregator of forward-looking links;

Mathew Ingram, a perceptive Canadian (and one always needs perceptive Canadians);

MediaShift, the Knight-funded and PBS-hosted mini-think-tank, admirably hosted by Mark Glaser;

The Nieman Journalism Lab, which must be a typo;

Notes from a Teacher, another perceptive Canadian, Mark Hamilton, another great aggregator;

Teaching Online Journalism, by Mindy McAdams, the preeminent evangelist for multimedia journalism.

Apologies to those who just missed the cut. (And yes, Friendly Blogger, you were No. 11.)

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  • Will Sullivan

    Wow, thanks for the shout out, Josh! I look forward to aggregating more forward-thinking links your direction. :)

  • Mathew Ingram

    Thanks a lot, Josh — happy to do my part to hold up the “perceptive Canadian” end of things :-)

  • stephen quinn

    The world offers many versions of reality. Many blogs that offer good advice on the future of journalism are available beyond the borders of North America. Why do 8 of the so-called top 10 come from the US? This myopia – this inability to look beyond the borders of the continent – is an indication of part of the problem with America’s media.

  • Joshua Benton

    Hi Stephen: How about offering up some non-U.S. suggestions then?

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