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Buy a newspaper or save a newspaper: Your choice.

facebookpaperWhat’s the better way to save the newspaper business?

Sign a pledge on Facebook to buy a newspaper on February 2nd?

Or work from within to show journalists how to use Facebook (or MySpace or Twitter or Google or just how and why to link) to advance journalism beyond the old business of ink on paper?

The first may briefly make you feel good about yourself, but the second just might change you, whether you’re a journalist or not.

Gina Chen is a journalist — a reporter and mom-blogger who decided that she’d heard enough about how slowly the newspaper business was changing. So she did something about it. She started a blog, called Save the Media, that is short on pontification and long on practical advice that any journalist can put to immediate use.

She’s been posting since late last year and has shown no sign yet that she’s running short on ideas.

Any working journalist that hasn’t yet bookmarked Chen’s blog might want to take a moment and do so now.

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  • MichaelJ

    I agree that Save the Media is a good resource.

    I would also suggest
    IMHO, the best discussion about a doable path to success going forward is happening over there.

  • Scott Blanchard

    I’m at the York (Pa.) Daily Record/Sunday News, where we’re working to use things like Twitter and Utterli in our coverage (and we’re on Facebook, too). I’d be interested to hear anyone’s thoughts/critiques on the following:
    -I used Twitter from the inauguration; my tweets appeared on our home page as part of our coverage. They’re here — (anything prefaced by @ydrcom, and they start on page 2)
    -We’re using Utterli to help us cover the Harley-Davidson layoff story breaking today: Only one up so far, but more to come.

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