Twitter  At Gannett, questions about how metrics determine coverage  
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Links on Twitter: Vinyl records still sell, only 279 comments denied on NY Times blog in ’09, Google Maps as a website entry point,

Always wondered about this: @rww says 0.5% of news site visitors print articles. »

CultureMap, a Houston-based entertainment site, uses Google Maps as a home page entry point. »

NY Times’ City Room blog received 82,535 comments in ’09. Of those, only 279 were not approved. »

Does the future of the article put usability over gloss? This demo makes a case: (via @arstechnica»

2.5 million vinyl LPs were sold in the U.S. last year. (via @paidcontent»

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Mark Coddington    Aug. 22, 2014
Plus: Controversy at Time Inc., more plagiarism allegations, and the rest of the week’s journalism and tech news.