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Archives: July 2011

Twitter    July 29, 2011
Baratunde Thurston, Director of Digital, The Onion
Andrew Phelps    July 29, 2011
A mix of experimentation and structure has helped The Onion build real civic engagement.
Mark Coddington    July 29, 2011
Plus the week’s required reading: Twitter for writers, the future of the story, and more.
Twitter    July 28, 2011
Justin Ellis    July 28, 2011
Pulse users on smartphones launch the app twice as often as tablet users — but tablet users keep it open twice as long per session.
Ken Doctor    July 28, 2011
The print world ends not with a bang, but with price increase after price increase.
Captain America
Andrew Phelps    July 27, 2011
Megan Garber    July 27, 2011
Hubris, feckless, dyspeptic, blasphemy, cronyism, and the other words that confused Times readers most in the first half of 2011.
Justin Ellis    July 27, 2011
The model is to provide the kinds of book recommendations you’d get at your local indie bookstore — if you still have a local indie bookstore —and to build a business around it.
Twitter    July 26, 2011