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Archives: August 2011

Mark Coddington    Aug. 26, 2011
Plus: A dispute over how much emphasis to place on new media skills in journalism training, the debut of The Daily Dot, the death of the Fairness Doctrine, more News Corp. hubbub, and what rarity means in an age of information abundance.
Twitter    Aug. 25, 2011
Megan Garber    Aug. 25, 2011
The investigative outfit explores “aggregation in the public interest.”
Ken Doctor    Aug. 25, 2011
It’s not just newspaper employees who suffer when a newspaper dies, as is happening to MediaNews’ papers in the Bay Area. It’s a loss felt across the community.
Justin Ellis    Aug. 24, 2011
Can trying to launch a site through Kickstarter give The Classical a sustainable audience?
Twitter    Aug. 23, 2011
Megan Garber    Aug. 23, 2011
Frontline makes “a new investment in a more iterative approach.”
Maria Popova    Aug. 23, 2011
“You can be the sole owner of a Jackson Pollock or a Blue Mauritius but not of a piece of information — not for long, anyway.”
Birds flying in formation
Andrew Phelps    Aug. 23, 2011
Serendipity Day gives coders and designers the freedom to work on…well, anything they want, if they’re willing to show it off afterward.
Twitter    Aug. 22, 2011