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Archives: August 2011

Twitter    August 23, 2011
Megan Garber    August 23, 2011
Frontline makes “a new investment in a more iterative approach.”
Maria Popova    August 23, 2011
“You can be the sole owner of a Jackson Pollock or a Blue Mauritius but not of a piece of information — not for long, anyway.”
Birds flying in formation
Andrew Phelps    August 23, 2011
Serendipity Day gives coders and designers the freedom to work on…well, anything they want, if they’re willing to show it off afterward.
Twitter    August 22, 2011
Megan Garber    August 22, 2011
Visits to SchoolBook won’t count against the Times’ paywall, in part because the site aims to reach out to NYC students and parents.
Joshua Benton    August 22, 2011
A more open, magazine-like look, with more room for customization — plus the debut of Fuego, our heat-seeking Twitter bot.
Twitter    August 19, 2011
A New York Times article page as interpreted by Ochs
Andrew Phelps    August 19, 2011
The Gray Lady gets a new outfit from a former developer.
Mark Coddington    August 19, 2011
Plus: Google grabs a phone company, a look at Reddit-at-journalism, a stab at explaining AOL’s struggles, and top tips for journalism students.
Twitter    August 18, 2011
Justin Ellis    August 18, 2011
The sports site wants to keep its every-fan appeal while helping writers polish their skills.
Ken Doctor    August 18, 2011
Three tech companies are trying to help publishers increase time-on-site by predicting what readers want to click on.
Twitter    August 17, 2011
Twitter    August 16, 2011