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Archives: September 2011

Megan Garber    Sept. 26, 2011
How the algorithmic news aggregator is turning generosity into currency.
Mark Coddington    Sept. 23, 2011
Plus: AOL’s continued struggles, Netflix splits in two, the News Corp. scandal continues to widen, and the rest of the week’s required reading.
Joshua Benton    Sept. 22, 2011
It’s like being on Twitter all day long — without having to be on Twitter all day long.
Amy Alexander    Sept. 22, 2011
Do minority journalists face a different standard for reporting on race than their white colleagues?
Ken Doctor    Sept. 22, 2011
Print companies — and even broadcasters — should look to The Wall Street Journal’s new tablet video app and realize they’ve still got work to do.
Nikki Usher    Sept. 21, 2011
Why a defined and loyal audience may not be enough to keep some niche news sites afloat.
WNYC's Jad Abumrad
Andrew Phelps    Sept. 21, 2011
“It needs more anarchy. And it needs more moods. The range of human experiences is covered and reported about on NPR, but it’s not reflected in the tone, and it’s not reflected in the style.”
Jack White    Sept. 21, 2011
While has grown its scope and its audience, it remains hampered by a reliance on commentary and questions of identity.
Andrew Phelps    Sept. 20, 2011
Until now, hundreds of independent NPR and PBS affiliates have had no common resource for best practices in social media.
Nicola Bruno    Sept. 20, 2011
An Italian journalist goes the startup route “with the intent of being relentless hunters of news and human filters of information.”