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Archives: September 2011

Nikki Usher    September 21, 2011
Why a defined and loyal audience may not be enough to keep some niche news sites afloat.
WNYC's Jad Abumrad
Andrew Phelps    September 21, 2011
“It needs more anarchy. And it needs more moods. The range of human experiences is covered and reported about on NPR, but it’s not reflected in the tone, and it’s not reflected in the style.”
Jack White    September 21, 2011
While has grown its scope and its audience, it remains hampered by a reliance on commentary and questions of identity.
Andrew Phelps    September 20, 2011
Until now, hundreds of independent NPR and PBS affiliates have had no common resource for best practices in social media.
Nicola Bruno    September 20, 2011
An Italian journalist goes the startup route “with the intent of being relentless hunters of news and human filters of information.”
Megan Garber    September 20, 2011
The paper explores a new way to distribute its content — through the crowds of users on Facebook.
Justin Ellis    September 19, 2011
In its expansion, PolitiFact sets its sights on becoming an Associated Press for fact-checking.
Joshua Benton    September 19, 2011
Come have some beer and conversation before the Online News Association’s opening reception.
Jean Marie Brown    September 19, 2011
“After several months of regular weekday screening, I can confirm that mainstream online media are caught in the same loop that ensnared legacy outlets.”
Joshua Benton    September 16, 2011
Fifty years after Newt Minow’s famous speech to America’s young television industry, has the vast wasteland only gotten vaster?
Mark Coddington    September 16, 2011
Plus: Facebook keeps inching toward Twitter with its new Subscribe feature, the growing News Corp. scandal, and other recommended reading for the week.
Community PlanIt video frame grab
Andrew Phelps    September 15, 2011
The project aims to use game dynamics to encourage more and better user input about how best to evaluate schools in Boston.
Justin Ellis    September 15, 2011
The paper’s in-house innovation lab will work on consumer apps for while focusing on the look and presentation of
Ken Doctor    September 15, 2011
That’s one brand, two major revenue streams, three products, and 4G.
Robert Rosenthal    September 15, 2011
How collaboration and distributed reporting helped revive an unsolved murder case.