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Media change deniers: Why debates around news need a better evidence base — and how we can get one
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Stories on Audience & Social

“I think that when people go to Google, they think about Google weighing facts instead of ranking results.”
Plus: Fake audio on WhatsApp in India, and do paywalls lead to increased polarization?
Can a community news platform serve as “technology that protects our minds and replenishes society”?
“Skill for analyzing objective news needs to be developed on its own…it likely needs to be coordinated with the skill for analyzing disinformation-based news.”
“One of our goals has been to talk about the news in a way that invites our audience into the news cycle. We’re trying to make it a little bit easier for people to be engaged.”
Plus: A trove of Russian Facebook ads, “antecedents of bullshit,” and a week with Radio Sputnik.
“The public statistics from the Swedish transportation company didn’t show significant delays, and the official numbers didn’t give us a true picture of the situation.”
Plus: “Women over 65 years write very rude things on the internet.”
Transparency, even in its candor, is a performance, leaving as much unseen as seen.
“You know what? There doesn’t need to be data. We all know this to be true.”