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Bad news from Mashable, BuzzFeed, and Vice shows times are rough for ad-supported digital media
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Hear it, stream it, or just stay on Twitter all day, like usual.
Plus: Platforms scramble to do something about shady political ads before Congressional hearings start, and is fake news better thought of as “disinformation advertising”?
“It’s important politically how this is going to play out.”
“If we determine that a post might link to these types of low-quality web pages, it may show up lower in people’s feeds.”
Among many weeks of bad press for the big tech companies, this week stands out.
Plus: A former Russian troll speaks out; a definition of disinformation; Wikitribune’s preferred news sources.
News personalization could help publishers attract and retain audiences — in the process making political polarization even worse.
Plus: Facebook is just fixing a bug (right!), labeling fake news seems to work, and lawmakers will release the Russia ads.