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Bad news from Mashable, BuzzFeed, and Vice shows times are rough for ad-supported digital media
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November 16, 2017
“We need to be engaged with the world, uncynical, unsnobbish, on people’s side: just like the 1821 manifesto that established the Guardian. Because people are not powerless to change things, and they are finding ways to act — new ways to get involved, to be citizens — it’s just that it might not be the kind of civic action that we’re used to.”
The Guardian / Katharine Viner / Nov 16
“The new rules, passed in a 3-2 vote, may be challenged in court, but if they survive, they will mark the most significant changes to media ownership regulations in a generation. They could lead to further consolidation and mergers among broadcasters, who have long argued that they need greater scale to compete with cable and internet companies for local ad dollars.”
Variety / Ted Johnson / Nov 16
CNN: “I would credit them with pressuring us to focus on new audiences to the point that we now have the largest millennial reach.” BuzzFeed: “I have literally never seen that claim made outside of a CNN press release.” LO
Columbia Journalism Review / Pete Vernon / Nov 16
“We want to learn about your understanding of your newsroom’s sexual misconduct policies — and if you choose to share, about your personal experiences navigating them — because we believe our industry can and must do better.” LO
Google Docs / Nov 16
“To combat the problem, Google is revamping the place where most people first see web results with breaking news, carefully curating the carousels that list ‘Top Stories’ and featured posts Google pulls from Twitter in a way it hasn’t before.” / Mark Bergen / Nov 16
“Local digital news sites are far from replacing local television and newspapers in terms of either reach or breadth of coverage.”
Wired / Klint Finley / Nov 16
“Verification has long been perceived as an endorsement,” the company said in a tweet. “We gave verified accounts visual prominence on the service which deepened this perception. We should have addressed this earlier but did not prioritize the work as we should have.”
The Verge / Casey Newton / Nov 16
“The Kochs have tentatively agreed to back Meredith’s offer with an equity injection of more than $500 million, the people with knowledge of the talks said.”
The New York Times / Sydney Ember and Andrew Ross Sorkin / Nov 16
“I was pleasantly surprised by how many exchanges were willing to work with us to fix this issue.”
Digiday / Ross Benes / Nov 16