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Wikipedia is a web-based and collaborative encyclopedia project. As of January 2012, Wikipedia has 20 million articles — more than 3.8 million of them in English — which have been written by volunteers from around the world. Almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site. Wikipedia’s tagline is “the free…

Brian Keegan    Dec. 18, 2012
A researcher into editing patterns on Wikipedia compares the Connecticut school shooting to other acts of mass violence to see how coverage of breaking news gets done on the site.
Matthew Battles    March 20, 2012
metaLAB’s Matthew Battles argues that the nature of knowledge is changing in the context of networks.
Mark Coddington    March 16, 2012
Plus: Kony 2012 and the value of online activism, more News Corp. arrests, SXSW news, and the rest of the week’s big stories in media and tech.
Mark Coddington    Jan. 20, 2012
Plus: ‘Truth vigilantes’ and the fact-checking movement, and the rest of the week’s big news and ideas in the media and tech worlds.
Megan Garber    Oct. 12, 2011
“Failed Wikipedias” suggest successful ways to encourage contribution and collaboration.
Ken Doctor    Oct. 6, 2011
Why are publishers playing Facebook’s game? What’s in it for them?
Megan Garber    Oct. 6, 2011
Protesting a proposed media-muzzling law, Italian Wikipedia goes dark.
Andrew Phelps    June 28, 2011
Lois Beckett    Feb. 23, 2011
Justin Ellis    Feb. 1, 2011