Twitter  Quartz found an unlikely inspiration for its relaunched homepage: The email newsletter.  
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Caroline O'Donovan    March 12, 2014
From microgrants to business training to better tech platforms, the local news ecosystem Patch left behind could end up richer than the one that it debuted in.
Caroline O'Donovan    Feb. 18, 2014
With 80 members and growing, a news network in Connecticut tries to help local news scale.
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Caroline O'Donovan    Dec. 9, 2013
“If everybody’s focused on the billion-dollar opportunity in local, they’re going to be missing out on a lot of other opportunities, because this isn’t a billion-dollar space.”
Caroline O'Donovan    Jan. 8, 2013
Celebrities have been selling tweets to advertisers for years now. Now the Associated Press is giving it a try.
Megan Garber    Sept. 30, 2011
ChiAd wants to find safety — and money — in numbers.
Megan Garber    Aug. 1, 2011
TPM is parlaying reader engagement into a business model by focusing on direct ad sales.
Megan Garber    Jan. 5, 2011
Laura McGann    Sept. 30, 2010
Lois Beckett    July 22, 2009
Lois Beckett    July 13, 2009