Twitter  "Algorithms have consequences." Zeynep Tufekci on Ferguson and net neutrality:  
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John Wihbey    March 31, 2014
Predicting what goes viral, sourcing the Arab Spring, and Twitter in power vs. out of power: all that and more in this month’s roundup of the academic literature.
Seth C. Lewis    Feb. 10, 2012
The Knight News Challenge may be shifting gears, but it’s still an important window into where news innovation is taking us.
Alfred Hermida    Dec. 30, 2011
…And that’s when social media will also get really interesting.
Megan Garber    Sept. 1, 2010
Megan Garber    July 1, 2010
Mark Coddington    May 7, 2010
Mathew Ingram    Sept. 18, 2009