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Nick Diakopoulos    Dec. 10, 2012
As algorithms play an ever-larger role in how we get news and information, it’s important to realize the ways that bias — intentional or not — can seep into their decisions.
Justin Ellis    Oct. 31, 2012
“One of the things that happens to come with this notion of social discovery is just information overload. Twitter is a great social product, but it’s also a product that will give you 50 articles to read every hour.”
Jonathan Stray    July 11, 2012
Algorithms can help, but more fundamentally, we need to figure out what we want a diverse pool of information to look like.
Jonathan Stray    June 18, 2012
Technologists and humanists take different approaches — and speak different languages.
Megan Garber    Aug. 4, 2011
Human curation will now be a regular feature of Google’s news aggregator.
Mark Coddington    May 13, 2011
Andrew Finlayson    June 17, 2010