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The Ann Arbor Chronicle is a local news website covering Ann Arbor, Mich. The Chronicle was launched in 2008 by Dave Askins and Mary Morgan and focuses primarily on longer-form local government reporting. It is funded primarily through advertising, though the for-profit site also takes donations, which it calls “subscriptions” and which accounted for 22 percent of its revenue in 2011….

Joseph Lichterman    Aug. 12, 2014
The site, known for its focus on local government, was financially stable. But as with many indie local news sites, it only worked with a heavy workload for its founders.
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Michael Andersen    Sept. 19, 2012
Handed an opportunity by the closure of the Ann Arbor News, two married journalists have built a small business on the kind of civic-minded reporting that isn’t supposed to work online.
Adrienne LaFrance    June 13, 2012
In 2009, The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News cut back to three days of home delivery a week. Three years later, their struggles continue.
Michael Andersen    Sept. 30, 2009
Michael Andersen    Sept. 11, 2009