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Dan Kennedy    Sept. 12, 2011
Getting online readers to pay for news is a challenge, but the new offers hope for newspapers that want to create an app-like experience but control their own distribution.
Mark Coddington    Sept. 2, 2011
Plus: CNN buys the personalized tablet magazine Zite, hundreds of thousands of WikiLeaks’ cables are inadvertently released, the Financial Times parts ways with Apple, and how we’re training young political reporters.
Justin Ellis    June 29, 2011
Mark Coddington    June 10, 2011
Andrew Phelps    June 9, 2011
Tim Carmody    March 22, 2011
Mark Coddington    Feb. 18, 2011
Joshua Benton    Feb. 15, 2011
Jason E. Klein    Feb. 10, 2011
Mark Coddington    Sept. 24, 2010