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Ken Doctor    February 27, 2014
Media companies are racing to spin off their declining print businesses. Unfortunately, the way they’re doing so could drag them down further.
Ken Doctor    April 25, 2013
Will some of America’s top newspapers find themselves bought by owners motivated by political ideology more than civic duty?
Ken Doctor    December 20, 2012
2013 could end up making 2012 seem calm by comparison.
Ken Doctor    May 31, 2012
Advertising once paid the bills at American newspapers. As that shifts — rapidly — how will it change the way news companies operate?
Adrienne LaFrance    March 21, 2012
The spring 2012 issue of Nieman Reports asks newsroom veterans to critique their industry — and themselves.
Justin Ellis    February 9, 2011
Daniel Victor    October 25, 2010
Martin Langeveld    January 7, 2010
Zachary M. Seward    March 26, 2009
Tim Windsor    March 12, 2009