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Articles tagged community journalism (18)

Christopher Grotke    July 31, 2013
These Vermonters have more experience than most navigating the challenges of building local community online.
Sarah Bartlett    July 25, 2013
The head of the Urban Reporting Program at CUNY says that to ignore ethnic newspapers is to ignore a set of viable models that could inform the rest of the media business.
Joshua Benton    May 31, 2013
In a small town in south Louisiana, two weekly newspapers have battled for more than four decades. Not any longer.
Andrew Donohue    Jan. 22, 2013
The former editor of Voice of San Diego, now a Knight Fellow at Stanford, wants to rethink how journalists think about and find stories in the community.
Adrienne LaFrance    June 27, 2012
The New York Times, backing away from The Local, says it doesn’t make sense to pay its staff to be in the hyperlocal business.
Justin Ellis    Feb. 21, 2012
The small Vancouver news site is offering seven weekend courses, ranging in price from $195 to $395, to engage readers and increase revenue.
Justin Ellis    June 30, 2011
Justin Ellis    June 27, 2011
Justin Ellis    March 14, 2011
Justin Ellis    Feb. 11, 2011