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Caroline O'Donovan    
“I would hope it would become just a normal part of journalism, that there would be no more “data journalism” — that it just becomes part of what we do.”
Justin Ellis    
Ali hopes to make Skift “the most pervasive travel information brand” through providing a unique blend of news subscription-based data products.
Caroline O'Donovan    
“If we could start to really connect people around story ideas before they’re reported, in a way that makes sense and is using technology in a savvy way and make it efficient to do, we would be really interested in doing that.”
Monson Tornado
Justin Ellis    
The site helps communities assess damage, organize volunteers, and direct donations.
Justin Ellis    
Justin Ellis    
Joshua Benton    
Laura McGann    
Megan Garber    
Martin Langeveld    
Mac Slocum    
Edward J. Delaney