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Ken Doctor    January 23, 2014
Aaron Kushner has been a brash newspaper industry contrarian, investing in content. But over 70 layoffs last week has some wondering whether his frequent waves of change are threatening his credibility.
Martin Langeveld    December 19, 2013
“No grand strategy, no new business models for news will emerge from Omaha. Ultimately, these papers will be closed or sold.”
Martin Langeveld    December 21, 2012
“Ultimately, consolidation is just a mop-up strategy — one that simply squeezes out the final remaining profits before the lights are turned out.”
Martin Langeveld    September 6, 2012
Instead of a wave of consolidation, the former newspaper publisher argues, JRC’s bankruptcy could be a way for the newspaper industry’s biggest outside investor to continue to exit it.
Ken Doctor    February 8, 2012
In the Bay Area, in Los Angeles, in San Diego — the traditional boundaries of California journalism are shifting fast.
Martin Langeveld    September 9, 2011
“I don’t think there’s any newspaper company in America that won’t have fewer people a year from now than they have today, and fewer still in two to three years.”
Martin Langeveld    March 7, 2011
Ken Doctor    March 3, 2011
Martin Langeveld    January 20, 2011
Kimberley Isbell    September 8, 2010
Martin Langeveld    July 6, 2010
Mark Coddington    January 22, 2010
Martin Langeveld    January 18, 2010
Zachary M. Seward    August 14, 2009
Zachary M. Seward    June 5, 2009