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Quartz is using Apple’s new AR tech to “help people understand objects in the news” on iPhones
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“The impact we’ve made has been noticeable on people in powerful positions, whether it’s politicians or mainstream media. We’ve opened them up, to see that you can’t ignore this, and that’s a good first step.”
Labeling only some fake news stories as fake can make some people more likely to believe other fake news that aren’t labeled.
Es cada vez más difícil estar al día respecto de la situación de las noticias falsas, la desinformación, el contenido partidista y la alfabetización informativa. Este resumen te ofrece lo más destacado de la última semana.
Este resumo semanal oferece os destaques sobre o que você pode ter perdido.
“نحن لا نريد أن نكون، ولسنا حكامًا للحقيقة. يمكن لفاحصي الحقائق إعطاء إشارة عما إذا كانت القصة صحيحة أم خاطئة “.
Plus: “Humans can be successfully manipulated through social bots,” what Russia Today’s fact checking project actually does, and a more sociological take on the spread of fake news.
Пака отмечает, что новый дизайн Google News больше ориентирован на усовершенствование пользовательского интерфейса.