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Articles tagged factchecking (14)

John Wihbey    June 26, 2013
The rise and fall of a narcotweeter, how to build an online community, and when fact-checking backfires: all that and more in this month’s roundup of the academic literature.
Joshua Benton    January 23, 2013
The NYU professor and scholar talks about his intellectual influences, how he thinks the press did in 2012, and how much of an audience there’ll be for civic-minded journalism.
Spark Camp    December 14, 2012
Andrew Pergam, Mónica Guzmán, and Tony Haile share some of the big ideas they’ll take away from the year.
Lucas Graves    January 18, 2012
“Truth vigilante” or no, the hubbub over fact-checking in news articles gets at some deeper issues about how journalists view their own work.
Craig Newmark    January 13, 2012
The Craigslist founder argues that even though fact checking can be time-consuming and expensive, it’s worth the investment.
Walter Frick    January 5, 2012
A modest proposal for a new way to structure and assess the claims we make — and the conclusions we draw — in the digital space.
Justin Ellis    September 19, 2011
In its expansion, PolitiFact sets its sights on becoming an Associated Press for fact-checking.
Megan Garber    October 27, 2010
Jonathan Stray    June 8, 2010
Mark Coddington    May 21, 2010
Mark Coddington    March 5, 2010
Michael Andersen    June 17, 2009