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Articles tagged fake news (78)

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“The ability to recognize a brand — this is a huge thing right now. We don’t want people to say, ‘I read this on Facebook.'”
Plus: The AP’s new fake news listing, a lack of center-right news outlets, and how to spot a fake viral video.
Plus: Crimea’s News Front; the fate of online trust; Facebook stops saying “fake news.”
“How do you make it more palatable and acceptable for people to emotionally engage with reality?”
Plus: Surrounding fake news with real news, fake news games, and Kenya faces an election.
“What I found to be really great about the game is how terrible at it I am and how terrible people are at it.”
Plus: “Humans can be successfully manipulated through social bots,” what Russia Today’s fact checking project actually does, and a more sociological take on the spread of fake news.
But also, what if the studies are kinda flawed in the first place?