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informing the news
Caroline O'Donovan    Nov. 4, 2013
“The news media have two bottom lines. One’s the fiscal bottom line — they have to make money to stay in business. The other one’s the civic bottom line.”
Marrissa Mayer, David Karp
Mark Coddington    May 24, 2013
Plus: Snow Fall revisited, and the rest of the week’s media and tech reads.
Jillian Stonecipher    Feb. 25, 2013
“Even staunch free speech advocates recognize that these mugshot companies are, at the very least, distasteful. But, of course, the First Amendment does not allow the government to regulate content simply because it is distasteful.”
Adrienne LaFrance    July 31, 2012
And you thought Twitter suspending @GuyAdams was bad. Governments can do much worse.
Justin Ellis    May 3, 2011
Mark Coddington    Dec. 10, 2010
Laura McGann    June 16, 2010
Sam Bayard    March 25, 2010
Zachary M. Seward    July 22, 2009