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Articles tagged Google News (68)

Richard Gingras    April 12, 2012
The search giant’s head of news products thinks we need to rethink how the news is architected and how information gets produced.
Justin Ellis    Jan. 12, 2012
If Google wants to add a personal component to discovering the world’s information, it shouldn’t be long till Google News gets more social.
Mark Coddington    Nov. 4, 2011
Plus: Julian Assange faces extradition, public radio continues to struggle with political opinions, and the rest of the week’s journalism and tech news.
Megan Garber    Nov. 3, 2011
The personal branding of journalists makes its way onto Google’s news aggregator.
Justin Ellis    Oct. 31, 2011
The company is partnering with a number of publishers to use market surveys as a way for readers to reach the news.
David Skok    Sept. 28, 2011
Google, Facebook, and Twitter are great. But they’re not everything.
Megan Garber    Sept. 26, 2011
How the algorithmic news aggregator is turning generosity into currency.
Megan Garber    Aug. 4, 2011
Human curation will now be a regular feature of Google’s news aggregator.
Megan Garber    June 30, 2011
Joshua Benton    June 20, 2011