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Juan Antonio Giner    
“The biggest challenge for the FT, we feel, lies not in its transition to digital, which can be achieved with web-savvy staff, but in the transition of the print staff to this ‘post-news’ method.”
Jeff Hobbs    
Your website will probably just work on Apple’s latest mobile operating system, but there a few changes that news web developers need to know about.
Justin Ellis    
The co-founder of Facebook says the relaunched magazine will need to experiment with how its content is delivered and how they engage with advertisers.
andrew miller
Justin Ellis    
With the growth in tablets and smartphones, Miller says responsive-designed sites are now table stakes for publishers.
Joshua Benton    
It’s a bold and potentially cross-platform experiment. But it’s unclear how it can (or why it should) compete with the Times’ better, native iPad app.
Justin Ellis    
Like other publishers, the tech blog is shifting its mobile development emphasis from apps to the browser.
Screen shot of The Berkeley Beacon
Most college newspaper sites aren’t much to look at; the Berkeley Beacon is an exception.
Megan Garber    
With Coke’s “Arctic Home” campaign, the paper finds a new way to reach an increasingly distributed audience.
WFMU logo
Andrew Phelps    
Ken Freedman thinks radio can be a much more interactive and visual medium.
Joshua Benton    
It’s the best way to stay up to date with the future of news while you’re on the go.