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Joshua Benton    June 21, 2013
We have an opening for a staff writer in our Cambridge newsroom.
Philip Meyer    March 22, 2013
“His early career with his hometown paper reminds us that newspapers were a natural monopoly in most places, and bad ones could flourish as easily as good ones.”
Maria Balinska    March 20, 2013
“Once you relate to something, chances are you are going to be interested and engaged.”
Maria Popova    March 18, 2013
“But in conceiving of criticism as a value system for what is ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ worthy or unworthy, there is another, implicit shape ‘criticism’ can take — a celebration of the good by systematic omission of the bad.”
Joshua Benton    Dec. 14, 2012
The tech giant is offering opportunities for students to work with eight different journalism organizations this summer. The deadline to apply is January 31.
Joshua Benton    Oct. 22, 2012
It’s a chance to come work on a journalism-related project at Harvard, but for a shorter period of time than our traditional Nieman Fellowships.
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