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Caroline O'Donovan    July 1, 2013
“I would hope it would become just a normal part of journalism, that there would be no more “data journalism” — that it just becomes part of what we do.”
Ken Doctor    Nov. 29, 2012
Technology is aiding reporting at both the high and the low ends of the business.
Justin Ellis    Oct. 3, 2012
Developers from The Chicago Tribune, WNYC, and The Spokesman-Review will expand to include more data.
The site was asked to take down emails that were part of an investigation into a News Corp. subsidiary in Australia.
Justin Ellis    June 22, 2011
Ken Doctor    Oct. 14, 2010
Jim Barnett    March 24, 2010
Lois Beckett    July 9, 2009
Lois Beckett    July 7, 2009