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Justin Ellis    
Article pages now have added depth and context, providing more opportunities for readers coming from social media to discover more content.
Justin Ellis    
The co-founder of Facebook says the relaunched magazine will need to experiment with how its content is delivered and how they engage with advertisers.
Awl companion
Justin Ellis    
The company, which has its roots in blogging, is working with smaller publishers to produce simple, lightweight magazines for smartphones and tablets.
Joshua Benton    
The built-for-iPad “newspaper” is closing on December 15. Here are the ideas some are taking away from News Corp.’s high-profile venture into a platform-specific news organization.
Joshua Benton    
It’s a bold and potentially cross-platform experiment. But it’s unclear how it can (or why it should) compete with the Times’ better, native iPad app.
Justin Ellis    
The clothing giant wants to reach the Times’ iPad readers; the Times wants to let those readers dig deeper into the app.
Justin Ellis    
The new iPad magazine from the Huffington Post is looking to court a higher-end audience willing to pay for weekly, longform journalism.
The Times is also pushing more material to devices overnight, aiming to improve the user experience on launch and save readers some bandwidth on their data plans.
iPad GUI PSD Version 2
Adrienne LaFrance    
O Globo’s new evening iPad edition is beautiful and dynamic — and it’s keeping readers hooked five days a week.
Justin Ellis    
Out of bankruptcy, Minnesota’s largest newspaper is starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
Justin Ellis    
Using new technology viewers are able to get an 180 degree view of the streets of Tokyo through video.
Megan Garber    
The weekly “newspaper” may be reinventing the brand for the digital age.
Mark Coddington    
Plus: Julian Assange faces extradition, public radio continues to struggle with political opinions, and the rest of the week’s journalism and tech news.
Megan Garber    
The social news service explains why it’s is going from fee to free.
Justin Ellis    
With its new iPad app, The Atlantic is putting all its content under one roof.