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Joseph Lichterman    
Once lauded as an early example of the teaching hospital model of journalism education, Mission Local will now fend for itself outside the j-school.
Jan Schaffer    
“When you start creating more local content, the audience expects that content to be better.”
Jan Schaffer    
Montclair State’s Center for Cooperative Media is betting there are returns on getting newspapers, broadcasters, bloggers, and wire services all in the same building.
Jan Schaffer    
Can Oregon Public Broadcasting, working with local newspapers, TV and radio stations, and bloggers, make a substantial state news report in the face of cutbacks elsewhere?
Jan Schaffer    
The executive director of J-Lab says it’s time for news to move from a commodity to a catalyst for empowering citizens.
Andrew Phelps    
San Francisco’s public broadcaster will share content with some nontraditional partners.
Justin Ellis    
Laura McGann    
Megan Garber    
C.W. Anderson    
Ken Doctor