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Articles tagged Jonathan Stray (10)

Joshua Benton    Jan. 23, 2013
The NYU professor and scholar talks about his intellectual influences, how he thinks the press did in 2012, and how much of an audience there’ll be for civic-minded journalism.
Spark Camp    Dec. 17, 2012
Looking backward inevitably leads to looking forward: What trends from 2012 will we be watching in 2013?
Spark Camp    Dec. 12, 2012
Jonathan Stray, Meredith Artley, and John Davidow share some of the big ideas they’ll take away from the year.
Nikki Usher and Seth C. Lewis    Oct. 7, 2011
…and why they could be the keys to innovating both the business and the system of journalism.
Megan Garber    June 23, 2011
Joshua Benton    June 22, 2011
Joshua Benton    Feb. 14, 2011
Clay Shirky    Dec. 13, 2010
Mark Coddington    Feb. 26, 2010