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Jon Marcus    June 18, 2014
“Journalism education has come to the same ominous inflection point that journalism itself has reached — and the stakes are just as high.”
Matt Waite    Nov. 13, 2013
You might think the principal coder behind PolitiFact took naturally to math. You’d be wrong.
Mark Coddington    Sept. 6, 2013
Plus: the latest in government surveillance, studies on online anonymity and campaign journalism, and the rest of the week’s future-of-news news.
Caroline O'Donovan    May 20, 2013
BuzzFeed gets free content, users get exposure, we get 11 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Happy You’re Single.
Meredith Artley    Sept. 13, 2012
The managing editor of CNN’s digital operations says coding and multimedia skills are becoming more common among new hires, but that specialized knowledge is getting hard to find.
Ann Friedman    June 29, 2012
The former editor of GOOD magazine shares her advice for young writers and editors on how to navigate the early years.
Nikki Usher    March 21, 2011
Dave Winer    Jan. 24, 2011
Justin Ellis    Nov. 30, 2010
Mark Coddington    Sept. 24, 2010