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They’re selling lots of them, but still no actual sales numbers from the ebook giant.
Mark Coddington    October 7, 2011
Plus: Thoughts on the new iPhone 4S, Facebook’s overhaul, and the impact of the Kindle Fire, along with the rest of the week’s required reading.
Justin Ellis    August 11, 2011
Longer than a magazine article, shorter than a hardcover, it’s another exercise in ebook flexibility.
The Onion logo
Andrew Phelps    August 8, 2011
America’s Finest News Source wants to know whether people will pay for fake news.
Justin Ellis    July 27, 2011
The model is to provide the kinds of book recommendations you’d get at your local indie bookstore — if you still have a local indie bookstore —and to build a business around it.
Andrew Phelps    July 22, 2011
John Siracusa’s epic reviews of Mac OS X are just the right length for an ebook — and readers are willing to pay for it.
Justin Ellis    June 14, 2011
Ken Doctor    April 14, 2011
Tim Carmody    March 22, 2011
Andrew Phelps    March 15, 2011
Joshua Benton    March 2, 2011
Megan Garber    February 15, 2011
Joshua Benton    January 25, 2011
Martin Langeveld    December 22, 2010
Joshua Benton    October 12, 2010