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John Wihbey    April 25, 2013
The arguments for smarter public support of journalism, the rise of civic engagement in social media, and the changing practices of foreign correspondents: all that and more in this month’s roundup of the academic literature.
Mark Coddington    Nov. 30, 2012
Plus: The BBC sex abuse scandal and possible libel on Twitter, a new report on post-industrial journalism, and the rest of this week’s media/tech news.
Jeffrey Hermes    July 9, 2012
The director of the Citizen Media Law Project says the decision puts a dent in a common claim of those seeking defamation suits.
Jonathan Seitz    March 17, 2011
Joshua Benton    Sept. 28, 2010
Jonathan Stray    Feb. 11, 2010
Michael Andersen    Sept. 30, 2009
Martin Langeveld    Feb. 18, 2009
Joshua Benton    Jan. 14, 2009