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Justin Ellis    
In her new book, Abernathy examines the divide between metro papers and rural or ethnic papers as they deal with digital competition, ownership changes, and the search for new revenue.
Mark Armstrong    
“This is all to say: I think the app or company that ‘solves’ local will probably be a parenting app. Not necessarily a ‘local’ app.”
The Denver Post building
The MediaNews paper is losing pages in its print edition, so it’s opting to put its own local journalism front and center.
Andrew Phelps    
Publisher Jake Dobkin said its traffic levels were low compared to the rest of the Gothamist sites and that the network’s largest cities perform best.
Megan Garber    
Michael Andersen    
Mac Slocum    
Mac Slocum    
Joshua Benton    
Tim Windsor    
Zachary M. Seward    
Zachary M. Seward    
Mathew Ingram    
Mathew Ingram