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Justin Ellis    June 19, 2014
Newspaper Club, which worked with The Guardian to build an algorithmically generated newspaper, wants you to shift some of your reading from screens back to print.
Joshua Benton    March 26, 2013
See how your stories are performing — and whether you have bragging rights over your newsroom cubicle-mate.
Justin Ellis    Dec. 21, 2012
The app now makes it easier to save articles from sites that require subscription or registration.
Kevin Nguyen    Nov. 16, 2012
In print, decades of design language have helped publications draw extra attention of readers. But news web design has mostly been straitjacketed in rigid templates. A few news sites are trying to break out.
Read Never
Save for “sadistic news consumers,” readers may prefer less content, not more. At least they say they do. is adjusting in that direction.