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Caroline O'Donovan    
Every television ad, news segment, political blog, and campaign website in the Philadelphia market will be searchable prior to the November 4 election
Suzanne Franks    
An analysis from City University London confirms that women are poorly represented among British bylines, particularly in coverage of politics and sports and in commentary.
Herbert J. Gans    
Sociologist Herbert Gans says the news media should do a better job noting that “polls are answers to questions rather than opinions,” and that not all opinions have the same intensity — or the same impact.
Herbert J. Gans    
“Journalists have to consider how American politics has changed since modern journalism first formulated the conventions and norms for covering politics.”
John Keane    
“The new muckraking isn’t the effect of new media alone…Yet buried within the infrastructures of communicative abundance are technical features that enable muckrakers to do their work of publicly scrutinising power, much more efficiently and effectively than at any moment in the history of democracy.”
Ken Doctor    
Technology is aiding reporting at both the high and the low ends of the business.
Chris Hannay    
The newspaper wanted to show the American election through Canadian eyes. Here’s what they learned along the way.
Jonathan Stray    
Nate Silver’s number-crunching blog is perceived as a threat by some traditional political reporters — but its model has lessons for all journalists.
Adrienne LaFrance    
After a decade with NPR, Seabrook wants to get beyond process to cover policy and the structures that determine how Congress works.
PolitiFact editor Bill Adair in the "Star Chamber"
Andrew Phelps    
As Bill Adair’s fact-checking enterprise turns five, PolitiFact is responding to criticism and adding a little structure to how it decides what’s True, Pants on Fire, or somewhere in between.
Justin Ellis    
Ben Smith wants to increase the impact of breaking news and decrease the echo from redundant reporting.
The news outlet’s first API offers up poll results as well as detailed methodology data.
The news app allows readers to visualize and dive into the issues that were big at the state capitol.