Twitter  Quartz found an unlikely inspiration for its relaunched homepage: The email newsletter.  
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Caroline O'Donovan    May 9, 2013
“Twitter is known for three things. It’s known for the Arab Spring, it’s known for Justin Bieber, and it’s known for narcissism.”
Justin Ellis    Jan. 24, 2013
Activists, journalists, and others could use the mobile tool kit to share information on SIM cards the way files are shared on thumb drives.
Caroline O'Donovan    Jan. 18, 2013
There might not by Internet access out in the fields, but WeFarm hopes that SMS and a human network built on translation and information sharing can let farmers get more out of their land.
Antonio Jiménez    July 20, 2012
The German broadcaster is using SMS and dial-to-listen radio shows to reach an audience with limited Internet access.
Andrew Phelps    June 30, 2011
Megan Garber    June 24, 2011
Andrew Phelps    June 22, 2011
Joshua Benton    June 19, 2009
Zachary M. Seward    April 16, 2009