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Joseph Lichterman    
“When you talk about the cultural legacy for newspapers, if you talk about the cultural legacy inside and outside newsrooms, print still fundamentally matters, and it’s really difficult to let go of how that works.”
Mark Coddington    
Plus: The debate about free news and journalism quality, The New York Times’ labor conflict, and the rest of the week’s media and tech news.
Brian Boyer    
Boyer, the head of NPR’s news apps team, puts on his professor hat and offers a syllabus for “making useful things for people.”
Cassette tapes
Adrienne LaFrance    
The nonprofit resuscitates and sometimes animates old interviews left on the cutting-room floor.
Joshua Benton    
When it comes to aggregation, right and wrong can come down to how it feels.
Joshua Benton    
With mobile a growing part of news organizations’ traffic, it’s time to commit to HTML5 for video — and hope its animation tools get better fast.
Mark Coddington    
Plus: More reflections on Steve Jobs’ legacy, new and old media use within the Occupy Wall Street movement, and all the rest of the week’s required reading.
Mark Coddington    
Plus: Thoughts on the new iPhone 4S, Facebook’s overhaul, and the impact of the Kindle Fire, along with the rest of the week’s required reading.
Megan Garber    
Tributes from a president, a competitor, and — most importantly — Apple users.
Mark Coddington    
Plus: A dispute over how much emphasis to place on new media skills in journalism training, the debut of The Daily Dot, the death of the Fairness Doctrine, more News Corp. hubbub, and what rarity means in an age of information abundance.
Joshua Benton    
Megan Garber and Andrew Phelps    
Andrew Phelps    
Mark Coddington    
Ken Doctor