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Not a revolution (yet): Data journalism hasn’t changed that much in 4 years, a new paper finds
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What’s the most effective way to encourage more writers to start their own subscription sites? Reduce the time they spend doing anything that’s not writing, argues Substack.
“We’re also exploring how Google’s machine learning capabilities can help publishers recognize potential subscribers and present the right offer to the right audience at the right time.”
O modelo sem fins lucrativos tem benefícios óbvios –como a habilidade de publicar reportagens importantes que as forças de mercado são apoiariam de outra maneira. Mas também levanta novas questões e pressões.
But not just the diehards — it’s also an attempt to forge tighter connections with its growing web audience. “We’re trying to create a product that’s a supplement, not a replacement.”
“Imagine uma redação onde metade da sala é de analistas e a outra metade é de repórteres. Reúna o que cada um deles faz de melhor e entregue isso todos os dias para o leitor”.
“Представьте себе редакцию, половина сотрудников которой – аналитики, а вторая половина – репортеры. Вы используете сильные стороны тех и других и ежедневно предоставляете результат читателям”.
“We realized that context and explanation, we should take those things to an almost radical level.”