The Apple Watch will expose how little publishers know about their readers
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portable tv
CNNgo is the network’s attempt to break the linear model for broadcast television.
That’s one brand, two major revenue streams, three products, and 4G.
November 18, 2010
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The State of the News Media 2015: Newspapers ↓, smartphones ↑
The annual omnibus report from Pew outlines a story of continued trends more than radical change.
670What happened when a college newspaper abandoned its website for Medium and Twitter
At Mt. San Antonio College, they’ve traded in print for distributed publishing, focusing on realtime reporting and distribution: “We’re speaking the language of our generation.”
576The Upshot uses geolocation to push readers deeper into data
The New York Times story changes its text depending on where you’re reading it: “It’s a fine line between a smarter default and being creepy.”
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