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Media owners in the crosshairs as Trump craves retribution
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Archives: December 18, 2013

Do comment sections build a bias against expertise? Do people remember Facebook posts? How much does news drive search, and vice versa? These are some of the most noteworthy findings in academic research in 2013.
“We’re limiting the opportunity for our readers to understand all the intersecting impacts by reducing context to a few paragraphs of background.” Lauren Rabaino
“Newsrooms are going to start thinking about responsive in terms of tailoring experiences based on a reader’s context in the physical world.” Katie Zhu
“One- or two-time visitors are not a business opportunity — they are an accident.” Rick Edmonds
“The hand-wringing about native advertising will give way to hand-clapping at the prospect of someone paying for serious journalism.” Evan Smith
“When it comes to the future of news, as when it comes to so many other things, it is worth following the money.” Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
“News sites will find new ways to use social media to surface stories from the archives and extend the lifecycle of content.” Sarah Marshall