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How the Kennedy assassination helped make network TV news wealthy
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Archives: December 19, 2013

“As journalism gets more one-to-one, causes become more personal, and communities divide into subsets of subsets, someone will find a metric to meet the moment.” Elise Hu
“It’s a trap to conflate popularity and the ability to build a new property.” Dan Shanoff
“Our future as an industry lies in our ability to tap into the resources and empirical insights that Big Data offers without eroding the trust of our users.” Adrienne Debigare
“It is the newsrooms that are embracing these differences, as opposed to fighting them, that are growing and innovating as the medium develops.” Henry Blodget
“Consumers will increasingly expect to find their favorite media brands on new devices and platforms.” Etan Horowitz
“To a large degree, this is a discussion which only journalists, and maybe the occasional underemployed philosopher, could ever care about.” Felix Salmon
“Trapped in their own twentieth-century formula for success, Japanese newspapers have yet to formulate a clear vision for the twenty-first.”
These are the nine big themes that will further separate the winners from the losers when we look back a year from now.
“The year ahead might bring news organizations that will pay more attention to the public. While that might be good for their bottom lines, it might also be bad for the quality of our democratic life.” Pablo Boczkowski
“Now is the time to push the boundaries and use the best of those worlds in the service of storytelling.” Cory Haik