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How many bots are on Twitter? The question is tough to answer — and misses the point
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Archives: December 16, 2015

“Surviving and thriving in a distributed platform world in 2016 will be important, but simply view it as an opportunity to extend and grow your brand and your revenue. By viewing it this way, your website won’t necessarily die — it will simply have more platforms leading back to it with readers who really, truly want to be there.” Alisha Ramos
“With great power comes the great responsibility of verifying information, delivering diverse content that keeps users informed, managing coverage at a global and local level, and hiring an editorial staff prepared to make tough decisions.” Dheerja Kaur
“Today’s young news consumers expect balanced coverage of gender-related topics, are used to hearing more diverse voices, and are, quite frankly, bored of the seemingly endless stream of identikit men in the media.” Amie Ferris-Rotman
“First solution with a user-interface simplified to on/off wins.” Jesse Brown