There is no “peak newsletter”

“People will realize the idea that we had reached ‘peak newsletter’ was both stupid and undermined by the data and consumer preference.”

People will realize the idea that we had reached “peak newsletter” was both stupid and undermined by the data and consumer preference.

Bad newsletters will continue to die, just like all bad products should. They simply clog inboxes — and should be flushed.

But there is no better way for busy readers to mass consume high-quality content than a well-crafted newsletter.

Jim VandeHei is CEO and cofounder of Axios.

People will realize the idea that we had reached “peak newsletter” was both stupid and undermined by the data and consumer preference.

Bad newsletters will continue to die, just like all bad products should. They simply clog inboxes — and should be flushed.

But there is no better way for busy readers to mass consume high-quality content than a well-crafted newsletter.

Jim VandeHei is CEO and cofounder of Axios.

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