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Articles by Nicholas Quah

Nicholas Quah is the founder and writer of Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts that appears on Nieman Lab.
Plus: Spotify wants podcasts to be first-class citizens of its app, the state of indie podcast studios, and Howard Stern/Terry Gross is the most ambitious crossover event in history.
Plus: Spotify still has cash to spend, Radio Ambulante tries “listening clubs,” and Mark Zuckerberg launches a boring podcast.
The Joe Rogan Experience is the latest show to opt out of populating the top of the paid podcast app’s conversion funnel.
Luminary gets pushback from Spotify and The New York Times: temporary glitch or the real start of the platform wars? Plus: Gimlet gets a union, a new podcast incubator, and Mueller Mueller everywhere.
The podcast audience is proving to be catnip for Democratic politicians, especially those hoping to keep it 1600 come January 2021.
Plus: How independent podcasters make money, Snap Judgment expands to a new platform, and Macs are getting a separate Podcasts app.
Plus: Maximum Fun seeks maximum funds (and gets enough), calling podcasters sellouts is so 1991, and it turns out Apple can sell an audio bundle to people in large numbers.
Plus: The BBC might open up its app, universal stories through Muslim voices, and podlediadau yn Gymraeg.
Plus: Gimlet pushes back on its aspirant union, Acast gets more continental, and Joe Rogan’s galaxy brain.
Plus: Dystopian corporate podcasts, Slow Burn wins an Ellie, and why a weekly release schedule can be a recipe for burnout.