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The New York Times launches a free, geo-targeted extreme weather newsletter
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Articles by Shraddha Chakradhar

Shraddha Chakradhar is Nieman Lab’s deputy editor. A science journalist by training, Shraddha most recently worked at the health news website STAT, where she wrote its award-winning daily newsletter, Morning Rounds. She has previously served as a news editor for Nature Medicine, and as a researcher for PBS’ documentary science show, NOVA.
Men tended to report more than women, and overwhelmingly so at the wire outlets. The exceptions to this trend were, HuffPost, and Vox.
“Alternative media tends to negatively portray politics and so [people] might turn away from it.”
“There’s a lot of hesitancy about becoming overly reliant on companies that have their own interests, ultimately, and they’re not always aligned [with news companies’ interests].”
“Just one previous exposure is enough to make information seem more credible.”
If you’re on the winning side, “you might disengage relative to those with the opposing party, which now feels threatened.”
“You really don’t know whether this person making a good-sounding argument is really smart, is really educated, or whether they’re just reading off something that they read on Twitter.”