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Newsonomics: Forget the link tax. Focus on one key metric to “save local news”
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“Without proper care, public spaces like the Roman Forum — designed first and foremost as a place for commercial and state business — can readily become places of exclusion, rumor, disease, politicking, exploitation and open violence as they steadily approach entropy.” An Xiao Mina
Buyouts, rebranding, good journalism, and a vision still in progress: The Philadelphia Inquirer has had quite a summer. The metro newspaper business is still tough, even without a hedge fund or private equity pulling the strings.
Started by former magazine editors, Primer blends editorial work and social impact for women: “I think it’s the perfect time to build a website for women that is a real community as well, where people feel that they’re making a real difference.”
If we know lots of people on social will only glance at our headlines and not tap through, why can’t we bring better information to them where they are?
“We were glad to see hundreds of people install the app and also give it permission to access their location and motion.”
“Readers facing big issues will crave actionable perspectives.” Almar Latour
Plus: How your favorite shows are covering the midterm elections, The Washington Post named its daily host, and the Spiro Agnew content you’ve been craving.
Ultimately, what it probably comes down to is These platforms are terrible, are they ultimately enough of a net positive for me individually that I stay on them?
Plus: RadioPublic stands up for the little guys, everybody’s going Hollywood, and Gannett wants to build “The Wire” (but non-fiction).