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Now nonprofit, The Salt Lake Tribune has achieved something rare for a local newspaper: financial sustainability
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The news business needs to pay attention to Hulu and Netflix: Name-brand content is worth investing in — even if it means cutting back elsewhere.
Plus: The generation gap behind the SOPA conflict, a rough couple of weeks for the New York Times, and the rest of must-reads in media news.
The cultural critic on what 2012 will bring for branding, diversity, and serendipity…and what hipster angels have to do with the media’s future. Rachel Sklar
Keeping Martin Honest: the 2012 edition. Martin Langeveld
Images can convene attention; they can also distribute it.
Why a defined and loyal audience may not be enough to keep some niche news sites afloat.
The tech-industry news site forces journalists to think about concepts of objectivity, transparency, audience, and why they do what they do. C.W. Anderson
April 14, 2011
February 18, 2011
December 3, 2010