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Higher ed and public radio are enmeshed. So what happens when the culture wars come?
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Archives: December 2013

“The year ahead might bring news organizations that will pay more attention to the public. While that might be good for their bottom lines, it might also be bad for the quality of our democratic life.” Pablo Boczkowski
“Now is the time to push the boundaries and use the best of those worlds in the service of storytelling.” Cory Haik
“No grand strategy, no new business models for news will emerge from Omaha. Ultimately, these papers will be closed or sold.” Martin Langeveld
“We will begin to see fresh faces and hear new and unexpected voices on public media platforms that will grow over time.” Sue Schardt
“Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Twitter, and Snapchat (srsly) are news mediums — because that’s where the audience is.” Ed O'Keefe
“The most successful media companies have figured out how to translate their core ideas into any number of forms.” Reyhan Harmanci
“More niche nonprofit news organizations will be unmistakably good for democracy. The more knowledgeable our news sources, the more knowledgeable we can be as citizens and policymakers.” Elizabeth Green
“The Stream might be on the wane but still it dominates. All media on the web and in mobile apps has blog DNA in it and will continue to for a long while.” Jason Kottke
“The demand is there if the experience is new enough and original enough.” Jenna Wortham
“2014 is the year that newsrooms will begin to think of analytics as a way to increase the quality of their readership, not just the quantity.” James G. Robinson