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Axios launches a premium subscription product aimed at the “dealmakers” among us
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Archives: December 15, 2014

“The good news, though, is that its stranglehold on the publishing economy might be loosening.” Reyhan Harmanci
“Name me a paid-for news site with a payment method so easy that a new subscriber could sign up in less than five minutes while in a dark room after having consumed a few glasses of festive punch.” Sarah Marshall
“There is an increased interest in data analysis, how to extract information from data to tell stories.” Alberto Cairo
“When we begin to think of race as something we should all care about, no longer will the black reporter be the first to raise her hand to go to Ferguson.” Errin Haines
“The ‘Chinese wall’ cannot be the only concept governing relations between newsrooms and business.” Almar Latour
“Personal, and typically IRL, disagreements will find new life online in 2015. Writers will call bullshit on other writers, pointing fingers, responding with substance and heart.” Jason Parham
“We need them to tell important stories from a perspective about which the audience cares and in a manner which enraptures them.” Rachel Davis Mersey
The San Francisco Chronicle has embarked on a new membership program aimed at increasing reader loyalty, and the renewal rate.
“Media companies are finally realizing that content creators are their most important users.” Dheerja Kaur
“The excuse that it’s ‘too hard’ to find good journalists of diverse backgrounds is complete crap.” Aaron Edwards